Thursday, August 4, 2011

The first post.

Well here it is, my first blog post ever. I want to thank my friend Jennifer over at Live Love Life Now for inspiring me to do this. I chose bks-rule because it can go a few I mean bikes rule? books rule? Brooklyn(s) rule? OR ALL OF THE ABOVE??? After all, I am a bookworm who loves bikes and lives in Brooklyn.

I'm also expecting my first child week. I expect that'll be the subject of this blog at first, so the books and bikes and beaks (I also find birds funny) and all that stuff will have to wait while I focus on producing a human. I'm not going to lie, this kid was unplanned and I've always been ambivalent about having children, so as you can imagine I'm getting a bit freaked out as my due date approaches. So, maybe talking about books & bikes for now would be better:

I have 3 bikes and wouldn't mind a 4th. My husband, Justin, has 3 bikes. We live in a small apartment in Brooklyn with our 2 dogs (Georgia & Russell) and 2 cats (Zenaida & Leon) so as you can imagine it's a full house even without a child. Luckily Justin and I each have a bike being stored at our friend Jeff's house. A few years ago Justin, Jeff and I went on a bike tour in Nova Scotia which was one of the best trips of my life. Jeff has a house complete with a storage shed, so he graciously offered to stable our touring bikes until we need them again. My touring bike is a Trek 520 and I love it. Very comfortable though the reach is a little long....anyone have suggestions for that? I've tried a shorter stem but I'm thinking I might have to switch out the handlebars altogether. While in Germany I saw a bunch of trekking/butterfly bars, does anyone with experience think that would do the trick?

I also have a Jamis Quest on which I completed a century last year and on which I'm planning to do that same century next year after I'm no longer fat. I did the Montauk Century and it was beautiful. For those cyclists in NYC I highly recommend it. Did I mention it's also rather flat? My other bike is a Breezer town bike b/c I discovered that I'm a wimp about riding in NYC traffic and I like having a more upright bike for zipping around town. Plus I can wear a skirt while riding it! Bonus. For that elusive 4th bike I've been curious to give mountain biking a try. Does anyone know good mountain biking near NYC?

Ok, I think this first post is long and potentially boring enough. Stay tuned!